Solitaire for One

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As the new year come to pass, we are yet again challenged with the different adjustments brought about by the pandemic. In Manila, when ECQ (enhanced community quarantine) happened again, and everything is at a standstill, most spend their time doing activities that can help cope up with mental stress and anxiety.

As a matter of fact, a new study from the University of California – Berkeley (2021) states that “the findings provide more nuance and show that, when used positively, online interactions are actually associated with less loneliness. This is especially true when teenagers have no other option but to connect with their friends online.” Applicable not only to teenagers, young adults and kids at heart can definitely make better use of technology to be entertained and to keep everyone’s mental health in check.

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Since I’m not fond of competitive games online that most boys seem to enjoy, I looked into some of the games that I played years ago. Nostalgic, it may seem, but I guess, it brings about fond memories, too. These were the times that technology is not yet as advanced, and simple games already make us happy.

I browsed online for pinball games and solitaire, asthose were the classics back in the day, and that’s when I stumbled upon the site It has that retro feels, and I immediately immersed right through the game.

Not only did I explore the classic version, but I realized that there is also the “Klondlike Solitaire” game. It has a different game setup and has a modern feel to it, too. I got to learn more about the game, the foundations and history – as these were all written below the game interface. Isn’t it cool?


It’s already automatic – assigning the Aces to the foundation pile VS the classic version wherein everything is manual. Safe to say, I like this version better.


Since the solataire games are quite addicting already, I decided to explore other classic games from the same site. I happen to stumble upon “Mahjong”. I was actually surprised and overwhelmed by the diverse choices. I don’t know what to choose first, and just decided to try out this theme since I love to cook. This is the “Cooking Mahjong” game. You are to combine ingredients to make up the dish. It’s not only entertaining, but also allows you to think critically – on what ingredients make up the dish, and on what order to choose.