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I was talking to my daughter regarding possible career choices. She’s only 13 years old so I guess she’s still asking for my opinion I know that there will come a time that my opinion won’t matter.

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A friend told me about The International Academy for Aesthetic Sciences- or #IAAS – which is a premier and pioneering Aesthetic learning Institution for Career Advancement and Business Growth. They are a start-up company and we are trying to survive and reach more markets during this pandemic. One of their mission is to provide Excellent Aesthetic Education, and ultimately to make known globally the aesthetic talents of the Filipino/An Aestheticians. This pandemic has indeed been a challenge for us all, but it is their vision to be THE platform committed to providing the country’s aspiring aestheticians, internationally competitive standard of teaching and learning- with the bigger and better #IAA

One of their goals is to develop and hone the skills of their graduates. Making them a professional practitioner who has the  ability to apply theoretical knowledge in Aesthetic Medicine and be able to perform / or assist in Aesthetic procedures confidently.

Here are some of their popular courses:

Certificate in Medical Aesthetics– Ther beginners’ facial stage course is open to all types of students notwithstanding  their qualifications. Whether you’re beginning a career in the makeup business or are a doctor pursuing a path in cosmetology. They will definitely open the doors for great opportunity. The Medical Aesthetic Course by Milady pro offered here at IAAS provides students with the complete knowledge, understanding and practical experience.

Facial Therapy Course  – This 3-day intensive course encompassing a comprehensive overview  of all aspects of facial. Embark on a new journey or enhance your existing business. They will discuss some basic information regarding the following

  • Acne
  • Anti-ageing
  • Skin dryness and re-hydration
  • Maintenance of normal skin
  • Skincare
  • Creating a suitable environment
  • The best possible customer journey

(Physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, dentists, pharmacists (who have injection rights), practical nurses, and international medical doctors and nurses.) Offering IV Nutrition Therapies allow healthcare professionals to take advantage of this increasing field of regenerative medicine to provide alternatives to a variety of symptoms correlated with the aging cycle.

IV Nutrition Infusion Therapy is a comprehensive course designed for beginners in the field of aesthetic medicine or for professionals who are willing to add this service to their current list of procedures.

In this course, you will get introduced to the most common vitamin and mineral available for cosmetic purposes. We will provide a full understanding of intravenous nutrition therapy as well as how to administer safely for your client in order to receive the most effective results.

This course is designed for physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, dentists, pharmacists (who have injection rights), practical nurses, and international medical doctors and nurses.

The first portion of the course is focused on IV insertion and securing the IV line. This part of the course is composed of the theory and practical part practicing on live models. The second portion of this course is introducing the most common IV nutrition treatment packages available in the market and how to administer them based on the need of your client.

  • Myers Cocktail and derivatives for the commercially available IV formulations:Â
  • Hydration Therapies (Fluids and Electrolytes)
  • Detoxification Formulation (Toxin Removal/Stress)
  • AntiOxidant Glutathione ( ultimate detoxifier and fights oxidative stress )
Below are IAAS contact details and Social Media pages:
Number: +63 917 317 4227


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