Exploring the Legend Villas

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Come home to traditional Filipino elegance and hospitality. The Legend Villas in Mandaluyong city is a 100% Filipino owned hotel with amenities and services well beyond its Old-World charm. It’s extravagance you can’t stand to miss yet can without much of a stretch bear to appreciate. Set amidst a clamoring city, here is the place you can unwind, loosen up, act naturally, and feel comfortable.
Elegant yet cozy touches abound inside and out: fine wood with finish so smooth to the touch, sparkling Venetian glass-framed mirrors, polished barandillas in a gently curved staircase, a cozy gallinera in a quiet corner. There is no absence of utilitarian highlights and ameliorating civilities in its 130 rooms to guarantee the accommodation of its visitors. What’s more, for all its proficiency, there is a fundamental comfort in the structure and decorations of each room. Something other than a lodging, The Legend Villas is in itself an encounter so commonplace, so agreeable thus endearing. So much like home.

We had a chance to take a peak at what Legend Villas has to offer.  We viewed 3 Rooms

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● Six (6) single beds with individual closets
● Living and dining areas
● Electric pot
● Cable TV on ground and upper floors
● Two (2) telephone units
● Bedside control panel
● Two (2) toilets and baths
● Fully air-conditioned
● Two (2) work tables


● Four (4) single beds
● Walk-in closet
● Telephone
● Cable TV
● Work table
● Three-way toilet and bath
● Fully air-conditioned
Superior Room
● Two (2) double beds
● Bedside control panel
● Telephone
● Cable TV
● Toilet and bath
● Fully air-conditioned

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