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Games! Who doesn’t love ‘em? It’s an excellent way to destress,
and it sharpens our minds to think strategically – in a fun way!

Before the city went on a complete lockdown, I would frequent boardgame cafés. Either friends and I would go for chill ones like: Dixit, Exploding Kittens and the like, or we would explore more competitive ones like: Bang, Avalon, Codenames, etc. The night is almost always never enough, too!

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However, due to the current restrictions, having game night isn’t possible anymore. Everything is done online – from catching up, to working out, and to watching movies also. We are told to adjust.

Although seeing each other in person won’t be happening anytime soon… our technology can be maximized to draw the gap closer. Holding a small group game night is still fun to have. We recently played Star Wars: Imperial Assault and it’s so good! It might take 2-3 hours to finish a mission, but it’s well worth it. It’s challenging, and entails lots of strategic thinking and cooperation as a team. Apart from that, we also explored some games in Jackbox TV – to lighten the mood. Actually, even when we are all at home, we would sometimes play it. It has lots of games that I love, such as Trivia Murder Party, Quiplash and Fibbage. It’s always fun laughs and entertainment for everyone.

I also bumped into a website, that I like to play with – if solo. It’s ( I didn’t think that the warning would be applicable to me, but I was so wrong! It’s highly addictive, indeed.

It’s user-friendly, and I’ve been loving all the games that I discover so far. This one below is nostalgic – reminds me of the physical boardgame. I like playing Ludo with siblings, as we would usually bicker on who will be the first to win.

The following reminds me so much of childhood. These are inspired by Megaman from Playstation years ago, and Bomberman from PC games.

It’s both fun and interesting to play with. What I also like is there is no lag – especially for my laptop that isn’t updated with the latest system configuration. Likewise, the controls and navigation are smooth.

Since my favorite game genres are the classic arcade games like the ones above, puzzle games and simulation… I’m surprised that everything can be found in one site alone. The concepts are original, such as Fight Virus. I’ve been addicted to it lately. It’s a hospital simulation game wherein you are to prevent the virus from spreadingfrom maintaining the cleanliness in the reception area, to testing thepatients, and to helping them recover in the ward.

Another personal favorite is Among Rescue. It’s likethe iPad game: Cut the Rope, but with a twist. Since the game Among Us has been popular during the lockdown period, the main character in Among Rescue is that same character. It gives it a modern feel, while enabling the user to strategize in solving the puzzle at hand. I would want more levels to be unlocked though, since it’s so addicting!

As I am fond of games, I’m grateful to have found a new avenue to destress. It doesn’t matter what device you use, as it is easily compatible. I remember having a game incompatibility issue before, and I couldn’t play StarCraft II at home. For this reason, I’m glad that even if I’m alone, I can play multiple gamesseamlessly through the site, with just a few clicks. Truly, a good way to unwind and recharge from the daily motions of our “new normal”.

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