Mulat Will Open Our Eyes

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Mulat in tagalog means to open one’s eyes, to educate, to nurture. It is also opening one’s soul to something. This generation is greatly challenged. We need to anchor ourselves with our principles and values.

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In line with this On September 19, the most eye-opening event in recent digital history will take place as Mulat will be launched at the B Hotel Ballroom at 6:00 pm. MULAT exists to awaken consciousness, illuminate minds, inspire hearts and fuel passions in the most creative ways possible, thereby sparking positive change in the world.

They will be the leading content providers in Asia because  they will employ the most game- changing strategies, out-of the-box ideas and most importantly, a visionary breed of people.

It is the game-changing social media streaming platform using safe and secured modern digital technology online.

Their target audience is composed of Filipinos across the globe with the initial potential subscriber base of about 3 million registered overseas contract workers.

Mulat data analytics will provide you with cost efficient advertising by putting in your material front of the right audience at the most optimal time.

Mulat produces, co-produces and partners with reputable content creators to provide cutting-edge, ground-breaking and eye-opening shows and content.  Watch out for their exciting line-up of programs that promise to entertain, educate and enlighten Filipinos from all walks of life, all around the world.

MULAT. Walang Kukurap! “

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