Pondering my WAHM life 

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I don’t think I’ve ever publicly admitted this but one of my biggest fears is growing old and being bored to death. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for a few years now, leaving a stable and lucrative job to attend to my children full-time. It was tough at first because I was used to working, but now I’m used to the domesticated life, and sometimes I wonder if I’d be able to get back on the workforce again, when the time was right.

As I’m reviewing my options for my post-SAHM life (which is years from now, but I’m a planner like that),then my separation happened.  I am inspired by stories of other moms who did something of themselves after taking care of their children full-time. I had to learn how to quickly transition from being a Stay at Home Mom to being a Work at Home Mom right away.
One story that’s been passed around among friends was about this empty nester who successfully launched her pastry business when her kids were old enough to have lives of their own. After almost two decades of being a SAHM, she finally had time to pursue her passion: baking.
I can testify that that woman’s cakes and cupcakes were to-die-for—I’d tried them on a few special occasions in our community. I had always wanted to order from her but back then, she only baked for family and friends. Now, she is finally doing it as a small, home-based business.
Her kids helped her set up Facebook and Instagram pages, and taught her another option for receiving payments for orders—GCash. The mobile wallet app has more than 20 million users, which means most likely, her clients would have that on their phones and prefer to use it to send their payments.
Bank transfers, with their fees and long lines, have become an unviable option for busy people. Aside from being free, sending money via GCash is secure and verifiable in real-time, which means it’s good for business.
Today, that 40-something WAHM runs a fun, passion-fueled enterprise, and we are all scrambling to get her pastries because she takes only a limited number of orders per week. Good thing I have GCash, too, because she prefers to transact with GCash users. It’s easier for her, she said. Even her suppliers are using GCash.
This woman’s success story makes me think of all the possibilities open to SAHMs like me. Sometimes we tend to think that being at home, attending to our families 24/7 robs us of opportunities to pursue our passion or realize our dreams. She reminds me that there is life post-SAHM. We can still resume our careers or start a business of our own.
We can take advantage of this digitally driven world to make things happen for us.
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