Thoughts on Diabetes

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For Filipinos with diabetes and caretakers: How has the discovery of insulin made an impact in your family’s life?

Now more than ever, we are more appreciative of prioritizing health and safety of everyone around us, and taking care of family and friends is a must. We have a family friend that has diabetes, and is among the few who are prioritized to get the Covid vaccine. Since he loves to eat rice with just about anything, and loves to drink soft drinks during meals, the habit contributed to the condition.
They say, prevention is always better than cure. Having a healthy and active lifestyle is important; that is why we encouraged him to start working out, be mindful of what he eats, and try to manage stress on a daily basis. However, sometimes, maintaining it may not be enough. Diabetes can also be hereditary. Therefore, we also explored treatments for him that can aid his condition – which included oral medication and insulin treatment.
Many have benefitted from the discovery of insulin, as it helps better manage one’s blood sugar levels. There are accessible products and programs to choose from. Through lifestyle changes, maintenance medicine and insulin, our family friend’s condition is becoming more manageable. It may be challenging to keep the blood sugar level at a healthy range sometimes, but with consistent practice, mindfulness and reminders, he is slowly getting the hang of it. It may not be easy to give up the food and lifestyle that he was accustomed with, but he knows that the change is necessary, that is why, he still complies and follows through.
Since he is also the breadwinner in the family, acquiring insulin at a friendly price is impactful. Though the condition cannot be undone, programs and discovery of new and improved medicine that are available at a lower price truly help. It makes everyone realize that health shouldn’t be expensive and not be within one’s reach. Before the pandemic, health is sometimes taken for granted, and change is never easy. But if you are mindful about it, the slow changes you take will become a habit that you will eventually grow into.
For more information about second-generation insulins, you can check out Sanofi’s Health Speak pilot episode:

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